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SEN is a tiny one-woman business, run by me (hi! I'm Carol!) out of my home in the Bay Area. It grew out of an idea to create and share enamel pins with my local yogi community. I wanted them to have small daily reminders of joy, peace and confidence that could be worn on clothes, yoga mat straps and gym bags.


In an effort to explore ways to display enamel pins not just on the body but also in the home, I expanded into fiber art, creating macrame wall hangings that can be paired with my pins or simply displayed alone to add some extra coziness to any space. In keeping with my passion for plants and yoga, I also thought it would be a good way to grow into plant holders and mat straps in the future.  


About the name: "sen" means lotus in Vietnamese, my family's country of origin. The lotus is its national flower, the flower of the dawn, symbolizing purity, serenity and optimism for the future. It is also of course symbolically important in yoga. Finally, it has always been a motif close to my heart, reminding me that light and warmth is there if we just muster the strength to reach for it.

Photo of Carol from SEN

Much to my immigrant parents' chagrin, I have spent my life exploring different artistic mediums, from pencils, paints and pastels as a child to 3D animation, motion and graphic design in college. I am an avid collector of house plants and am also a RYT-200 yoga instructor (perhaps in a new era, I'll be able to teach again). In my spare time, I join fun/weird yoga challenges on Instagram (catch them on @mysticarol), play MMORPGs and hang with my best 4-legged friend, Haru.



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