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Crown Chakra: Symbolism and Focus

At the very top of the system, hovering just above the head is the luminescent crown chakra (“sahasrara” in sanskrit). It is the highest state of consciousness. It is absolute awareness. It transcends the Self and is in complete oneness with the infinite Universe. The crown chakra is represented by the thousand-petaled lotus, the element of space and (depending on the source) the color white or deep violet. It is also said to have an “aura” of white, gold or clear energy.

Symbolism and Focus

- “Sahasrara” itself translates into “thousand” or “infinite”, and these petals represent the full blossoming of consciousness.

- Thought is considered to be one of the highest forms of power, a height which is appropriate for the highest chakra. Additionally, while the throat chakra was represented by unseen elements that exist within space, such as vibration and ether, the crown chakra can be represented by cosmic space itself - that which all-encompasses infinity.

- I chose to use the color white, because it represents the union of all other colors, as well as purity, which describes the state of the consciousness here - pure, authentic, free of ego and all individualistic and physical boundaries.

Just as the first chakra represents the most physical and tangible concepts of all the chakras, the seventh chakra fully represents all that is spiritual, abstract and intangible. It represents our connection to and our union with everything outside of ourselves - the community, the world, the Universe, the One. Here, the consciousness is fully liberated. It recognizes the divine both outside of ourselves and within ourselves. With the grounding energies of all the chakras below, it uses that divinity to manifest transformation in the world. While we were able to collect information and observe life with clarity with the sixth chakra, it is at the seventh that we turn rational observation into true experience. The crown chakra governs our most basic right to know. Every human being has a right to fully experience being part of something larger than themselves. We deserve to recognize and experience the divinity inside and outside ourselves.

Design Notes

For the previous chakra pin, the Third Eye, I had wanted to ensure that my interpretation of the symbol was unique. Because it was such a commonly-referenced symbol, I was happy to embellish it with my creative liberties and make it my own. By contrast, for the crown chakra I actually wanted the design to be pure and uncomplicated by making very little alteration to the original chakra symbol. I only allowed the single starburst in the center to represent the glowing aura of transcendence and/or the final flash of insight that connects the Individual to the Universe. Because of its many petals (nowhere near the thousand that it actually needs!) I thought that the rest of the lotus was perfectly beautiful as it was, and that the petals already spoke for themselves without any extra embellishments.

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Credits and Resources:

Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith by Shai Tubali by Lizzy Martin

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