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Heart Chakra: Symbolism and Focus

The center of the chest is where we find the center of the system, the heart chakra (“anahata” in sanskrit). It is the source of harmony, connection, love and compassion for the self and for all that is outside of the self. The sacral chakra uses emotion to explore and satisfy its own needs and desires. The heart chakra acknowledges the emotions, needs and desires of others. It is where the physical energies of the lower chakras that were focused on the individual truly begin to expand to seek a deeper connection and relationship with the outside world, adding more complexity to emotion and thought. We realize that we are part of something greater. Conversely, this is also where the ethereal essences of the upper chakras can begin to anchor down, give conscious direction to their vast ideas and turn them into reality through focused, tangible engagement. The fourth chakra is the balance of the body and mind, the material and immaterial. It is represented by the 12-petaled lotus, the 6-pointed hexagram, the element of air and the color green.

Symbolism and Focus

- The hexagram is two triangles representing the 3 lower chakras and the 3 upper chakras weaving together in harmony at the heart. It is the balance of the upward liberating and the downward manifesting currents of energy.

- The element of air is all around us, connecting everything in the world and allowing for the integration of the material and immaterial, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

- The color green represents nature and the essence of life, as well as the peace and compassion that connects all lives into a web of relationships. It is the transition between the bright, energetic activities of the lower chakras and the calm exploration of knowledge in the upper chakras.

The focus of the heart chakra is harmony and balance and the rich emotions that nourish relationships. It is all driven by love - for yourself, for your passions, for others, the wider community and the world. With love we build a stronger relationship with ourselves, which allows us to better give of ourselves and strengthen external connections. With love we build a stronger relationship with others, which recognizes our own value and reinforces the love we have for ourselves. With love in balance, we can have relationships with others without losing who we are. We can honor the self within the other. To love is to be connected to the divine within and without. Every human being has a right to that connection. Everyone deserves to love and be loved, the basic governing right of the heart chakra.

Design Notes

The design of the heart chakra pin was mostly straightforward with its heart motif, especially when combined with the petals of the lotus. My main challenges were to prevent it from screaming “Irish four-leaf clover” in design (which is also why I went with silver plating instead of gold), as well as visualizing the element of air in a way that was appealing and intentional. I went through many different wispy, circular shapes in various sizes and positions throughout the pin. I finally decided that one main large shape in the center would show up the best on a scale as small as a 40mm enamel pin. Like with the sacral chakra, the circle is a symbol of connection, and I thought the air shapes forming a larger circle would work well towards conveying that idea. I knew that the heart chakra would be one of the most popular chakras to resonate with, so I wanted to make sure to design the pin very mindfully (not that I was less mindful of any other chakra design!).

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Credits and Resources:

Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith by Shai Tubali by Lizzy Martin

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