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Root Chakra: Challenges and Balance

Part 1 of the Root Chakra guide can be found here.

Because the root chakra is the foundation of the system as a whole, it is important to begin here and establish stability before working upward. An excessive first chakra contains so much energy that it cannot be fully grounded or flow up to the rest of the body. It is so solid that it is difficult to embrace or adapt to change. A deficient root chakra is so contracted that energy cannot be absorbed. Instead the energy is chaotically deflected away without being grounded.

Fear is the challenge of the root chakra. When we fear for our survival, we cannot commit energy to anything else. Those with excess first chakras turn to greed, hoarding and paranoia. Those who are deficient can never feel safe and secure and often neglect the physical body. However, fear is actually an ally of self-preservation. It is the stimulus that drives us to survive. It reminds us that we are important and to take care of ourselves.

Balancing the Root Chakra

To open and balance the root chakra, we must overcome these base fears. What fears do you have and how do you react to them instinctually? How can you break those patterns to make room for healthier patterns and growth? This could involve building self-esteem or developing new skills in order to meet future threats to our survival. If fear is believing that something bad will happen, it can be counteracted with faith, believing that something good will happen. Due to the physical, earth-alignment of the root chakra, it also benefits from physical movement and spending more time in nature. We can engage in more “grounding” activities to grow our “roots”, such as yoga, hiking or cooking healthy, nourishing meals.

When we feel safe and supported in our health, homes, jobs and families, we are more free to enjoy life and explore other areas of the human experience. We can awaken to more possibilities and feel secure in our own sense of self when navigating the more complex aspects of life.

Credits and Resources:

Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith by Shai Tubali by Lizzy Martin

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