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Root Chakra: Symbolism and Focus

At the base of the spine rests the first chakra, the root (“muladhara” in sanskrit) of the system. It is the foundation, just as the physical body is the anchor and home of the spirit. Its energies are like waking into consciousness and beginning the upward journey. The root chakra is represented by the 4-petaled lotus, the square and downward-pointing triangle, the earth element and the color red.

Symbolism and Focus

- The number 4 is considered to be a very stable structure, like the square with its equal sides.

- Similarly, both the earth element and the color red represent strength, vitality, stability and groundedness, as well as natural instinct.

- The downward-pointing triangle represents spiritual energy moving down to connect with a strong foundation, like the spirit coming home to rest, in order to manifest its vast ideas.

As the lowest of all the chakras, the first chakra represents the most physical and tangible concepts of all the chakras. It represents our connection to our physical body. The root chakra governs our most basic human need: self-preservation. It represents our right to exist, to be here, to survive. It is focused on the existence of the individual. We begin here, because by attending to our survival needs, everything else is possible. Every human being has a right to nourishment, shelter, safety and the ability to trust others around them. We have a right to feel connected to and supported by our own body, because it is the foundation of our existence. By building a strong, solid foundation with boundaries and consistency, we can withstand opposition and adapt to changes in our lives.

Design Notes

When designing the root chakra pin, I really wanted to highlight its connection to the Earth and nature, so incorporating the plant elements came easily for me (not to mention the fact that I am somewhat a hoarder of plants). It took some time to figure out what to do with the center square and triangle shapes, but the idea for the mountains was a happy accident that I felt worked really well and that I was proud of. Limiting them to just inside the triangle gives the illusion of more mountains on the right and left sides, and also allows for negative space so that the deep red color of the pin could shine through.

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Credits and Resources:

Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith by Shai Tubali by Lizzy Martin

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