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Bright twinkling lights are one of the many heralds of the winter holiday season. The little Andromeda reflects the stars that light up the sky during the long dark nights. Use her to bring cheer inside your space, whether hung from a tree, a fireplace or as part of a garland. She is proudly made with rope trimmings from other projects, giving them new life and purpose for kindness to the Earth. With different color options, she can be customized to work with any decor (though please note that the physical colors can vary from what they look like on computer/phone screens).


A portion of the sale of all SEN products are donated to certified nonprofit partners of 1% for the Planet helping to protect the world's rainforests.


Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions!

Andromeda // Ornament

  • // Process and Materials //

    Made in California, this fiber art piece is hand-knotted with high-quality 3mm single strand cords made of 100% cotton on a wooden ring. It is all packaged in 100% recyclable material. Because this item is handmade to order, please allow 5-7 business days for me to create your piece with care and attention!

  • // Dimensions //

    - Main body (without hanging cord): ~5.5 x 5"

  • // Care Tips //

    To keep the fringe nice and fluffy, gently brush it out with a small fine-tooth comb. To help it stay neat, you can slightly stiffen the fibers by spraying a mixture of 0.5 tablespoon corn starch and 1 cup filtered water and letting it fully dry before handling.

  • // Color Notes //

    Please be aware that my color selections are subject to the availability of my suppliers, as well as my continued efforts to source the most high-quality ethical and sustainable materials. Color options may be periodically replaced or removed. Feel free to reach out to me at with any questions!

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