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Monstera Ring Pin Badges Releasing 9/25

I am pleased to announce that my Monstera Ring pin badges is my first pin collection to be ready for sale! They will be available on September 25 at 12:00pm PT here on the shop. As the name suggests, these lapel pins celebrate one of the plant community's most beloved stars - the monstera deliciosa. The design features a single leaf with cutout fenestrations encircled by a ring. While I don't personally have a monstera plant myself (I just don't have the space for one as large as I would like!), monsteras have sort of become the icon of the plant community, and I know how much plant parents loves their monsteras. I wanted to give them a reminder of the joy that monsteras bring to them, even when they're not home!

I decided to create these pin badges in two different versions of the same design, one that is die-cast in 3D and the other in a slightly smaller, flat minimalistic style. Head over to the official product page for full details and photos, and send a DM to @sen.shoppe on Instagram to let me know which one you like best!


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